Why a war room will help you win

The intention of a war room is to provide a routine and highly visual perspective of a plan’s execution, as it unfolds in real-time at an operational level.

Is a mechanised mine the only answer?

What is the key difference between a conventional and mechanised mine? Simply put, a conventional mine is rooted in manual operations and typically needs many workers to meet production targets, while mechanised mines are facilitated by machinery and digital systems.

The mine’s operating model – and why your people underpin it

In its simplest form, a company’s operating model can be described as a visualisation of its business strategy. The intent of the model is to provide a clear framework or blueprint for how this strategy is executed to deliver on the organisation’s goals.

Changing Mindsets

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How the C-factor impacts mining output

The impact that inefficiency has on a mine’s bottom line is somewhat harder to quantify as there are a variety of factors that may contribute to and compound poor performance; however, in those instances where a mine engages us to train their front-line staff, we have seen a sharp uptick in production.