The Supervisor: Key to Improved Productivity – The opportunity cost loss of not having an effective supervisor within your organisation cannot be understated. The supervisor is the one person on the
ground who decides if the daily target setaccording to your business plan is achieved or not.

OIM Interview: Helping the mining sector prosper

The mining sector is big business, so it constantly needs help to move
forward. OIM Consulting is one such pillar the sector leans on, and their
work under MD Arjen de Bruin speaks for itself – even during a pandemic

Pandemic heightens demand for skilled mine supervisors – The Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the local mining sector have highlighted the importance of supervisory-level staff using organisational, analytical and problem-solving skills in mining operations, says heavy industry business consulting company OIM Consulting MD Arjen de Bruin.

Adapting to a new normal in mining – With the slow reopening of the economy, mines have found themselves having to navigate a host of new challenges, not least of all being unfairly perceived as an epicentre of COVID-19 in South Africa.