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How the C-factor impacts mining output

The impact that inefficiency has on a mine’s bottom line is somewhat harder to quantify as there are a variety of factors that may contribute to and compound poor performance; however, in those instances where a mine engages us to train their front-line staff, we have seen a sharp uptick in production.

What is Leadership Development?

Developing human capital is an essential aspect of business growth. All businesses, from the humblest home industries to huge multinational corporations, rely on their people in order to meet targets, execute strategies and expand further. Everybody has their part to play, and most of the responsibility falls on the leaders in the business to ensure […]

Your essential assets for driving company culture: your leaders and supervisors

At OIM Consulting, we believe that an organisation is only as strong as its leaders. Their skills are not only the key to successfully executing strategies but are also indispensable when it comes to changing and improving company culture and engagement. Through our leadership consulting services, we aim to unlock leadership skills in organisations so […]

Modernisation means more than simple mechanisation. It means People.

Article by: Arjen de Bruin, Managing Director at OIM Consulting The latest figures from Statistics South Africa have revealed that in July 2021, there was a 10.3% year on year increase in mining production, which it has attributed to higher commodity prices and the recovery in the global economic recovery. And while the sector appears […]

Boosting operational efficiency to lift production in mines – In one of his addresses, President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted that rising commodity prices and increased global demand could help aid South Africa’s economic recovery, with mining being a significant contributor to the country’s gross

The Supervisor: Key to Improved Productivity – The opportunity cost loss of not having an effective supervisor within your organisation cannot be understated. The supervisor is the one person on the
ground who decides if the daily target setaccording to your business plan is achieved or not.

OIM Interview: Helping the mining sector prosper

The mining sector is big business, so it constantly needs help to move
forward. OIM Consulting is one such pillar the sector leans on, and their
work under MD Arjen de Bruin speaks for itself – even during a pandemic