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An organisation is only as strong as its leaders.


About OIM Leadership Consulting

We are market leaders in human competency assessment and improvement, and offer businesses practical solutions through assessments, training and coaching that develops and manages talent to the benefit of the individual and organisation.

We enable growth through the development of organisational culture and leadership talent. We ensure that your company’s culture is geared for strategy execution, and that you have the right leaders to guide teams in sustainable business performance.

We understand your needs and offer customised (bespoke) solutions for your specific organisational needs, providing  leaders with skillsets and toolsets for continued success.  We use professional and accredited tools to assess, and through experienced consultants, develop individuals, teams and organisations.

Our Integrated Process:



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Our Key Services

1. Organisational Development and Culture Change

Ensure your company is geared for optimal performance at an organisational, team and individual level, and that your workplace culture supports strategy implementation.

2. Talent Management

Gain a consolidated view of your leadership landscape (per level, team and functional area) and a customised talent management plan, integrated with your organisational development initiatives and business priorities.

3. Competency Assessements

Define the key leadership competencies required for business success and match the right leadership talent through a range of competency and psychometric assessment batteries. 

We use assessment tools most suitable to your organisational needs and offer the multifunctional Leadership Competence Indicator (LCI) – a tool developed for the South African work environment. LCI provides a view of your leaders’ behaviour preferences, work styles, cultural fit, potential, attitude and attributes.

By integrating all these aspects in a single tool, your organisation gains a highly valid and reliable view of leadership competence, as well as a scientific framework for performance management and development.

OIM Leadership Consulting is the only accredited provider in African for the LCI.

5. Leadership Development

In line with the customised talent management plan, develop leaders through a blended-learning approach: training, bite-size learning, professional coaching and team interventions.

6. Employee Engagement

Research proves there is a direct correlation between the level of engagement in an organisation and the quality of performance.  The more informed and involved people are, the higher their level of commitment and contribution to organisational success.

Let us show you how we can dramatically improve your results