OIM’s new turnaround programme helps mines meet targets

OIM Consulting, specialists in building front-line leader capability with a stronghold in the mining sector, has launched a new programme that is designed to assist mining organisations in meeting targets when time is of the essence.

The ‘Accelerated Safe Production Programme’ – also known as the ‘90-day turnaround programme’ – is the consultancy’s latest offering, which guarantees results inshorter time periods.

“The programme essentially caters for organisations that need to play ‘catch up’. Perhaps their output has been lower than planned for some time thanks to operational issues, and they are under pressure to make their targets before the end of the fiscal.” explains OIM Consulting’s Managing Director Arjen de Bruin.

De Bruin says that the company helps mines to deliver on these targets through a high-impact, three-pronged approach, which is typically rolled out over a three months:

  • Senior leadership alignment: focusing the business on critical drivers that enable high performance
  • High-value improvement initiatives: working with the organisation to identify and implement impactful initiatives that rapidly overcome operational challenges
  • Frontline leader capability development: capacitating the business for future growth

OIM Consulting recently implemented its 90-day turnaround programme at a prominent South African underground mine that was failing to meet its targets by 30%. Within the space of several months, it was able to return the organisation to pre-Covid performance levels, surpassing targets by 1,2%.

Explaining the difference between the consultancy’s signature Supervisory Development Programme (SDP) and its 90-day turnaround programme, De Bruin says that the latter promises rapid results – not sustained change. “It’s not a solution that organisations would typically engage at the start of the new financial year, but rather resort to when their losses have been accumulating for some time, and they need to rapidly meet or get as close to their targets as possible before the year draws to a close.”

De Bruin says that the key difference between the two offerings is that the turnaround programme effects quick results through instructional coaching that focuses exclusively on current operations with the sole aim of meeting targets, while its Supervisory Development Programme addresses productivity roadblocks through behavioural coaching, setting organisations up for long-term, sustained improvement.

“SDP tackles cultural, behavioural, habitual and other productivity hurdles through a collaborative approach that aims to secure widespread stakeholder buy-in. Thus the 90-day turnaround programme is not intended to be a standalone exercise, but rather an accelerated approach that immediately bridges any gaps while providing the foundation for a more holistic intervention, such as our SDP,” he concludes.