90-Day Target Attainment Programme

The 90-Day TAP is geared to achieving significant safe productivity gains within the shortest period reasonable.

It focuses on ensuring that underperforming areas are turned around through a mixture of daily instructive coaching, problem solving techniques and implementation. By revamping basic operating functions like daily meetings, visual management, shift management books and cross-functional meetings, the focus is placed on how to achieve daily success through a structured approach and an engaged workforce. Added to this mix is an emphasis on an enabling culture which creates focus and willingness of staff.

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The 90-Day TAPs is rapid and vigorous and is geared towards achieving the daily / weekly / monthly targets set out according to the plan.

This translates into improved measurable operational KPI’s, leading to improved profitability. In recent client engagements we saw an improvement on Platinum Mine A of 31% of trammed tons and a 79% improvement of meters drilled. On Platinum Mine B we saw an improvement of 34% of trammed tons, to within 2% of target attainment.

The 90-Day TAP is a great lead into OIM Consulting’s Supervisor/Frontline Leader Development Programme. The 90-day TAP stabilises the operations while the SDP programme focuses on the relevant behaviour changes needed to sustain and improve on the benefits previously achieved. The benefit advantage of the 90-day TAP is that the benefits achieved should pay for the SDP programme.

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