Your supervisors can be your performance powerhouse. Here’s how to ignite their potential.

Did you know that the biggest barrier to growth faced by mining firms today remains performance-based inefficiency?

Did you know that the biggest barrier to growth faced by mining firms today remains performance-based inefficiency?

A company’s time, capital, and labour force are precious resources that should deliver optimum value. Yet, in many cases, gaps in supervisory competence and confidence prevent this from happening.

Drawing on a deep wealth of knowledge and experience, OIM Consulting has become the market leader in identifying and directly remedying operational inefficiency by addressing supervisory competence and organisational culture, leading to a dramatic upswing in production and profitability for hundreds of blue-chip mining companies.

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All organisations will tell you that the supervisor is the hub of the wheel and that they are the ones that make strategy happen. Whatever targets you have set and whatever culture you want within your organisation, the supervisor is pivotal to ensuring that these are achieved. Supervisors is also the area which most companies acknowledge needs the most help. Company after company admit that supervisors have a significant impact on their operational effectiveness.

The Supervisory Slope

The slope represents maturing supervisors from being informal reactive and unstructured decision makers to becoming innovate thinker’s and advising their peers on how to be proactive and ensure continuous improvement within the teams.

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