Analyse. Improve. Sustain.

Unlock the potential of your supervisors / front-line leaders, who are pivotal to your success. We can help you break through competency, productivity, and workplace culture barriers, and achieve ongoing growth.

We understand the challenges involved in building a high-performance organisation, and that you may have already engaged with “efficiency experts” but not seen the results you expected. With our people-centred and integrated approach, you can drive deep-rooted and long-lasting change.

“We create high performance cultures, efficient processes and competent leaders”

OIM Consulting has partnered with clients since 1985 to create sustainable long-term value. We provide custom solutions that nurture leadership capacity, transform workplace culture and embed optimisation into daily processes. As a result, operational excellence becomes business as usual.


How we do it

We achieve this through on-the-floor coaching that drives sustainable behaviour change and business excellence. We call it “Coaching to Performance”It helps our clients to:

We unlock long-term value and profitability by focusing on the performance of the people who manage the environment – your operational and front-line leaders. As key drivers of daily productivity, we target their competency and productivity levels, whilst addressing the wider organisational environment to achieve the desired business results.

“Only 51% of daily tasks are executed competently by supervisors. After our “Coaching to Performance” methodology has been implemented, 90% of tasks are executed competently.”


Our Services

We believe in an integrated approach to business improvement in the key areas of organisational performance, people management and operational optimisation.

The outcomes are a high-performing workplace culture, optimised processes and systems, focused and effective employees, and labour peace and stability. Sustainability is achieved by teaming up with clients to customise solutions, implement the desired changes and ensure knowledge transfer.

By taking a customised, partnership approach to empowering your people, implementing changes and ensuring knowledge transfer, these achievements are sustained over the long-term.

Supervisory development

As game-changers in supervisory and front-line leader development, our interventions combine problem-solving, competency development, training, and on-the-floor coaching.

Organisational performance management

Ensure your company is geared for optimal performance at an organisational, team and individual level, and that your workplace culture supports strategy implementation.

Leadership development

Elevate your organisational leader’s impact through customised talent management, competency profiles, extensive assessment batteries, blended-learning interventions and professional coaching.

Process and productivity improvement

Improve efficiencies and throughput, reduce operating costs and resolve operational constraints to increase profitability.





Download and read our E-Book, Understanding The Drivers Of Supervisory Performance, to see how small interventions at supervisory level can impact the whole spectrum of operations within your firm.

In it, we explore interventions that result in a complete and positive transformation – not only in terms of output, but of individuals, company culture and communities.

“Maturity on the supervisory level has improved significantly, and this will make a difference in the rest of their lives. This was the right programme at the right time. It was an exceptional intervention. It will lead to long-term improvement in the supervisors and lives of young leaders.”

~ Operational Director, PPC Rwanda.

Let us show you how we can dramatically improve your results


OIM helped stabilise the business, ensured positive movement on operational KPIs and transformed our culture. ~ Executive Vice-President
OIM’s performance coaching sets them apart.
The results far outweighed the costs expected from the project. The business benefits are stability, an increase in output, and achieving net reduction in operating costs. OIM was attentive to our needs and conducted itself professionally throughout – I would not hesitate to continue partnering with them. ~ Executive Team Member
I have worked with OIM at three different companies – this is a result of employees buying into the products and services, and implementing them and accepting responsibility for the outcomes. The fact that we continuously make use of OIM’s services is testimony to the outcomes achieved. ~ Senior General Manager