About OIM Consulting

We transform companies, empower individuals and impact communities.


OIM Enables Clients To Achieve Sustainable Success

We enable businesses to develop highly effective supervisors / front-line leaders, and cultures that create long-term profitability. While we work across multiple sectors, key areas of focus are mining and manufacturing.

We equip businesses with the tools so that their people can effectively execute their responsibilities.  Our core offering is to improve the competency levels of supervisors and front-line leaders (particularly within mining and manufacturing) and enable our clients to achieve sustainable success through the development of their people and culture.

OIM Consulting’s history is deeply rooted in socio-economic development and investing in people.   Originally founded as a non-profit organisation focusing on creating a better life for everyone in South Africa, we have evolved into a consultancy that takes an integrated approach to business performance. We partner with clients to create long-term value and shape their companies into sought-after investment opportunities, employers of choice and solid business partners.

What We Are About

At OIM Consulting, we strive to make a meaningful contribution to the long-term prosperity of our clients, consultants and employees; and to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and communities we engage with every day.

We enable customers to achieve sustainable success through the development of their people and culture by enhancing their competencies and equipping them with the tools to effectively execute their responsibilities.

Our unique integrated approach to performance improvement is based on original thinking and incorporates a host of fundamental practical leadership and business principles that, unlike quick-fixes and ad hoc interventions, have stood the test of time. We believe this makes our clients’ organisations stronger, more focused and resilient, and thus better equipped to deal effectively with ever-changing business requirements and global competition.



What We Do

OIM Consulting offers an integrated service offering and a comprehensive solution to operational, organisational and people challenges. 

Our interventions give our clients the ability to grow, build competitive advantage and establish a solid business reputation. To this end, we offer what we call “a balanced ecosystem” of culture, people and operational solutions. 

The OIM Consulting Integrated Approach:

Through this we:

The outcomes are a high-performing workplace culture, optimised processes and systems, focused and effective employees, and labour peace and stability. Sustainability is achieved by teaming up with clients to customise solutions, implement the desired changes and ensure knowledge transfer.

“Supervisors are pivotal in their teams’ effectiveness and determine the operational performance of the organisation.”


Why Choose us?


Our Leadership Team

Arjen de Bruin

Managing Director

With operational consulting experience since 1991, Arjen de Bruin has successfully led business improvement projects for several prominent South African companies in industries such as financial services, manufacturing, retail and debt collection, as well as the public sector. During this time, he gained extensive expertise in process redesign, production management, process automation, business specifications and call centre optimisation.

Ben Nel

Chief Operating Officer

With a consulting career spanning 26 years, Ben Nel can lay claim to extensive expertise in production management optimisation, process analysis and improvement, process re-engineering and call centre optimisation in most industries.

Sean Pienaar

Principal Consultant

With more than 25 years’ experience in management and consulting positions, Sean has managed in projects covering business strategy, operations management, productivity improvement, process re-engineering, systems integration, business modelling, and the development of business reporting & measurement.  He has consulted in a range of industries including financial services, manufacturing, mining, government, and information technology.  He has worked on several prominent client projects, including Gold Fields, Kolomela, PPC Zimbabwe, and Black Rock where the comprehensive OIM supervisory methodology has been implemented.

Yogesh Ramjattan

Principal Consultant

With a proven track record in Sub-Saharan Africa since 2005, mining specialist Yogesh Ramjattan designs innovative solutions to complex business and operational challenges that allow organisations to reach next-level performance potential. His areas of expertise include business intelligence systems, project management, management operating systems (MOS), organisationaland operational performance improvement, supervisory productivity improvement, business process re-engineering, systems mapping and optimisation, feasibility studies as well as the development of policies and procedures to support operational sustainability.

Marli van der Merwe

Head: HR & Talent

With a career in talent management spanning 28 years, Marli believes employee relations to be at the heart of every business. She has extensive experience operating at an executive level in all things HR and industrial relations related, across companies large and small in business services, manufacturing, commerce, finance, and arts.

Our Alliances


A student society that promotes student development in the field of management consulting at Stellenbosch University.  OIM Consulting has been a partner since 2017 partnering to help achieve their vision, providing vac-work, adjudicate case studies, and subject matter experts on their pro-bono work.

Wits Mining Institute is at the forefront of mining innovation, reviewing all the latest technologies and other aspects that impact the mining industry. Since OIM Consulting’s focus is mainly on the mining sector, OIM partnered up with the Institute in 2019 to be at the forefront of where the industry is going.

OIM Consulting is proud to sponsor Women in Mining South Africa (WiMSA), an organisation that creates an empowering network to inspire, support and develop the progression of women working in the South African mining industry. We look forward to continuing our partnership with WiMSA as they work towards their vision of a gender-balanced mining industry in South Africa.


Our History

Partnership with Wits Mining Institute

Form partnership with the University of Witwatersrand’s Mining Institute to create benchmarking of supervisory competencies and further enhance our flagship offering.


OIM Group restructured and rebranded as OIM Consulting

OIM Group is streamlined into two specialised divisions of Management Consulting and Leadership Consulting and rebranded as OIM Consulting.

2018 / 9

Stellenbosch University partnership

A partnership with the University of Stellenbosch Consulting Society is formed to strengthen OIM’s talent pipeline.


OIM Group Established

To enhance our client offering, OIM’s service offerings are re-organised into one central company to focus on the core business areas of: operational optimisation, people management and organisational performance. Operationally, OIM Group consists of three divisions: Leadership Talent, Operations Solutions and Performance Improvement.


OIM Operations Solutions established

OIM establishes a JV with a group of senior operations management consultants with proven expertise in a range of operational effectiveness and continuous improvement solutions.   OIM Operations Solutions further extends the integrated business improvement offering of OIM.


OIM Leadership Talent established

OIM’s service offering is enhanced by a JV between OIM’s Talent Management and leadership development company, Dreamcoat Network to form OIM Leadership Talent.


Expansion of service offering

OIM’s services offered are reorganised to further streamline the integrated approach to performance improvement and develop the focus of its client offering.  Manufacturing solutions and operations capabilities are added, along with the business lines of Talent Management (2006), Value Chain Solutions (2007), and Research and HR Outsource (2008).

2006 - 2008

Integrated approach

OIM begins to develop a more formalised and integrated approach to business performance improvement in various areas.   In line with its more integrated approach, OIM’s methodology and client offering expands significantly from 1999 to 2006.


Shift in focus

OIM begins to shift its focus from workshop facilitation to consultation and training.  Our employee involvement and communication methodology are the main tool used for the improvement of organisational and operational effectiveness.


New methodology

OIM’s employee involvement and communication methodology is further improved, with a creased focus on leadership and organisational development.


Consultation and meditation

True to our NGO roots, OIM mainly facilitates workshops in conflict resolution, mediation and management-union relationships for major organisations. In the process, we begin establishing our employee involvement and communication methodology as a business improvement tool.

1985 - 1992

OIM established

The commercial consulting firm, Operational Improvement Management (OIM), is founded by Prof Tusenius to focus on the public and private sector, building on the NGO initiatives to establish a just, prosperous and equal-opportunity South Africa.


Well-known academic and business consultant Prof Robert Tusenius establishes organisations to bring about change in our country by focusing on bridge-building and development programmes for political, economic and student leaders from different cultural backgrounds.  In 1982, these are incorporated into another NGO, The Trust for Peace and Prosperity, that continues to contribute to the establishment of a just, prosperous and equal-opportunity South Africa.

1974 - 1984