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We are experts at improving supervisory and operational front-line leader capability – the drivers of daily productivity and profitability. We have a proven track record in operational optimisation, are thought-leaders in supervisory and operational front-line leadership development and have a tried-and-tested “Coaching to Performance ” framework.

Supervisors and operational front-line leaders are pivotal in their teams’ effectiveness. They determine the operational performance of the organisation—and thus its prosperity. We understand that the performance of your supervisors drives daily productivity and ultimately, business success. When supervisors lack sufficient capacity, we know this represents an opportunity cost to your business in terms of lost profitability.    

As game-changers in supervisory and front-line leader development, our interventions combine problem-solving, competency development, training, and on-the-floor coaching supervisory and front-line leader development, through our “Coaching to Performance” (that links competency development, training, and on-the-floor coaching for real operational improvement) and addresses “The 8 Supervisor Habits of Performances”. Our interventions typically deliver an ROI of 5-10 times.

We helped Gold Fields South Deep achieve an increase of 41% in gold production by improving their supervisors’ competency levels.

“We’ve seen a remarkable improvement in most production metrics (during 2019), resulting from a culmination of initiatives centred around our people, including organisational culture, processes, systems and technical improvements; a process supported by OIM.” ~ Martin Preece, Executive Vice-President Gold Fields.


What We Do

We link competencies, theory and coaching to measure real operational improvement through our “80-20 Intervention”.  80% of our time is dedicated to on-the-floor coaching and operational optimisation, while 20% is focused on in-classroom training and competencies.

This integrated multifaceted approach bridges the learning transfer gap and has been proven to result in operational efficiency and improvement. The rationale behind it is simple: if both the competencies and operational management skills of supervisors are developed in a cohesive manner, team effectiveness improves—enhancing organisational performance. This is typically seen through the improved utilisation, availability, efficiency, and quality of their teams’ work.


How Do We Do this?

Maturity Levels

OIM’s programmes takes supervisors on an integrated developmental coaching journey to improve their competencies and role execution. The aim is to mature them from unstructured and reactive decision-makers to innovative thinkers who influence peers and foster continuous improvement within their teams.

91% of supervisors follow an unstructured, reactive approach to job execution.

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Baseline results: based on on-the-floor observations by experienced industrial, mechanical, and chemical engineers.

The 8 Habits of Effective Supervisors

Through our work we’ve been able to identify, and categorise “The 8 Supervisor Habits of Performance” that will create effective, competent and efficient Mining Supervisors. We identified 8 indicators as the underlying causes of poor operational performance and by addressing these and instilling them as habits for supervisors to follow, we’re able to improve the overall effectiveness of supervisors and, in turn, your overall profitability.










Analysis & Problem Solving


Planning & Organising




Role Execution


Why Choose us?


Our Key Offering

Supervisory & Operational Leadership Development

As thought leaders in front-line leader development, we have developed a cutting-edge supervisory programme which links behavioural and operational improvement. We call this “Coaching to Performance” and more than 1,000 supervisors have already benefitted from it.

We enable real and lasting transformation through an impactful combination of:

Sustainability is created through the involvement of direct managers, fostering a coaching culture and scheduled quality checks.

Our interventions typically deliver an ROI of 5-10 times and once implemented, 90% of supervisors execute their daily tasks competently. Find out how we’ve delivered ROI to other partners.

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